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Warning! If you live in Santa Ana and need a tree cutting service, MAKE SURE you read this before you call just any other tree trimming company

tree trimming santa ana caYes, it’s that important that you read what I have to say very carefully for it might help save you both time and money

You see, tree trimmers are a dime a dozen in Santa Ana ans Orange County in general, thanks to the constant demand of cutting services from the residents. With this, one needs to be a bit more cautious when choosing their tree care providers.

Why’s tat? Because it’s easy to start a tree trimming business in California. Really all one needs is a truck and a chain saw. And a lot of people give it a try, which is fine, this is America after all.

However, to be able to survive they need to attract clients and the only way for them to do it is to charge less, much less than their better established competitors. It’s good for the end consumer, or is it?

Businesses that usually offer cheaper services to customers need to trim a lot of expenses (pun intended) like carring proper business insurance. And that’s kind of a big deal. It protects you, the client when accidents happen and they do happen and covers damages to your property that resulted from the work of the tree trimming company you hired.

How do I choose a good tree care company?

I didn’t mean to scare you. There are plenty of excellent tree trimmers in Santa Ana that do first-class job you just have to find them and I am going to show you how to do it. It’s not that hard once you know how to do it.

Here are six questions you can ask when speaking with potential contractors:

1. Will you provide me with a certificate of insurance and copy of your work contract?

A complete tree pruning service should be able to offer insurance coverage which saves the client of the responsibility to spend for any property damage that can happen during the tree trimming.

You may visit https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/onlineservices/CheckLicenseII/checklicense.aspx to see if the tree service company in Santa Ana that you’re about to hire has a valid license

2. What are your credentials? Are you member of any trade association?

If your tree trimming provider is diligent enough to join a trade association such as the Tree Care Industry Association, this is a sign of commitment to work with standards and guidelines

3. Can you provide me with a list of references from past clients?

The presence of returning clients can be an indicator of the business’ vow to provide excellent services. Furthermore, client testimonials are one reliable way of assessing their performance.

4. Will you provide me with a detailed estimate?

Don’t you just feel cheated when you find a bunch of hidden charges after you sign up for a service? It’s the same with hiring a contractor to do your tree trimming. To prevent that from happening ask for a full breakdown of charges and fees.  Detailed written estimates are the proof you would need in case of additional fees start popping up. If your tree care company agree to provide you with a written estimate in detail, that’s another sign that you’re dealing with a reliable provider.

5. How will you handle the job and what equipment will be used for it?

It would be great if your provider can visit your site or property and map out the workflow with you and advise you if they are going to use heavy equipment before the actual trimming job. This way you can advise family members, your neighbor, keep away outdoor furniture and equipment if required, and plan ahead.

6. How long will the tree project take?

A trusted tree care business is willing to commit to a timeframe for the trimming work. You would be surprised that the same job might take one tree company a day to complete and another one – a few days.

7. Would you use spikes to climb trees while pruning?

Spikes can cause further damage to your trees so unless the trees will be permanently removed, demand to avoid using these

8. Will you be using protective equipment while on my property?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires tree care providers to wear protective equipment at work

How do I know if it’s time to trim my trees?

If there are light branches and twigs that need to be removed, you can almost always do it yourself as long as you have the right cutting tools.

However if you just can’t take the sight of spiders and other bugs or you are planning a major makeover for your trees, it’s best to call the right people to get the job done right.

Apart from that, there are a number of other reasons why you should leave it to the experts than doing it yourself and risking you trees.

You know you need to call the experts when you answer yes to the questions below:

1. You see dead or loosely hanging branches that might cause an accident anytime

More than anything, you need to trim your trees for safety concerns. Sure they beautify your surroundings but your trees need to be regularly trimmed to get rid of unsightly and unsafe branches and twigs that might fall on people and belongings anytime

2. Your trees have gone close to power lines or cables

Vines and leaves can cling on to power lines or cables and disrupt power supply or hamper your internet signal. Keep them in a safe distance from your cables

3. They are already touching your roof or any part of you or your neighbor’s home

You wouldn’t wanna cause issues with your neighbor due to your poorly maintained trees and more importantly, leaves that lay stagnant on your gutter foster mold growth and leaves that brush against the roofing can cause them to deteriorate

4. It has been more than three years since you last got your trees trimmed

Depending on the species and size of your trees, some need to be trimmed more frequently while others may not require much care. As a rule of thumb, do not let your trees untrimmed for more than three years

5. Your trees look unkempt, out of shape, and overall unappealing

Trimmed trees add a touch of sophistication to your home. It’s always nice to keep them polished!

Should I Consider Santa Ana Tree Service Pros?

We are one of the most trusted tree services company in Santa Ana CA. We do tree trimming, but that’s just one of the many services we provide (see full list below). If you don’t see the service that you need below, give us a call.

· Tree Pruning

· Tree Removal

· Tree Trimming

· Tree Maintenance

· Tree Crowning

· Stump Removal

· Stump Grinding

How can I find out more about your tree cutting services?

The best way is to call us. Over the phone, we can provide a free initial estimate based on the information you woudl give us.

We can come over to your site for a more accurate estimate as well as studying your trees and determining the kind of treatment for each and give you a written estimate and finalize the time frame for the project.

We are a family business that has been in the industry for more than three decades and all those years we have gained a considerable amount of loyal customers. We strive to provide the best tree care service in Orange County!

We would be more than happy to assist you with your tree trimming inquiries! Give us a call now at (949) 239-0760

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