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Tree Pruning – Reduction Vs Thinning

Today we have this branch on this mesquite tree that’s coming down to low. And what I’d like to show is the benefits of doing reduction cuts as opposed to thinning cuts, reduction cuts or when you cut a leader back to a branch. And thinning cuts are when you take a branch off of a leader. thinning causes length, while reduction makes strength. So in lifting this branch up, rather than taking off the branches that are coming off the leader, which would be thinning cuts, rather than taking those up because they appear to be the problem.

Instead, we’re going to take leaders back to take weight off of this limb, and thereby raising it up. So getting started. So coming up closer. Here’s the example of whether or not I’m going to make a reduction cut or thinning cut, we’re going to make reduction cuts. In order to avoid thinning cuts. In this particular case, this leader has these three branches.

If I take any one of these three branches, that’s a thinning cut, we want to avoid thinning cuts because thinning cuts cause fast growing length, the keywords are fast and length. Because faster growing wood is weaker wood and length causes leverage bad combination. So instead, we want to make reduction cuts, which is taking a leader back to a branch.

This is a nice example, we can make this cut right here, and it would take it back to this branch, we can make this cut right here, take it back to this branch or we can make this cut right here take it back to this branch. The first cut I’m going to make is the one that takes off the least material.

What it looks like I want to take a little bit more. So I’m going to go back a little further and make this reduction cut. And you want to try with reduction cuts to take the leader back to a branch that is at least one third the diameter of the leader you’re removing. Whereas if you were to make these thinning cuts, taking the branches off of a leader that causes fast growing length and weakness, when you make reduction cuts like this, that causes the leader, new leader if you will, that remains to get thicker and stronger rather than longer.

So it can be said that re while reduction causes strength like this, well, that thinning removing those branches would cause lengthen weakness. I’ll keep on making this a pruning, I can probably go a little higher, I’ll make this reduction cut. I’m not doing the three cut method because I have good control over holding the branch. Okay, start to move back.

And we’ll I’ll keep on making those reduction cuts, we’ll see what happens to this limb even spread out canopy that still gives shade, but it’s functional and hopefully higher than the wall. Because after I make all those reduction cuts taken away that leverage in that way, we’re hoping that this entire branch will have so much weight taken off and leverage that it raises up and hopefully goes above the wall. So I’m going to click on making some of these cuts.

So you could see that by making reduction cuts, it takes away leverage and wait that raises this limb up. So rather than making thinning cuts taking branches off of leaders, rather than making those thinning cuts of the branches that appear to be the problem, we take away the heavier and branches that have more leverage which takes away more weight and leverage and raises this piece up.

By being able to reduce this back and raising it up we have salvaged we have been able to maintain this branch and not simply take it out at its base. Now taking it out at its base we want to avoid because that would be a thinning cut because this is a branch off of this leader.

Making this thinning cut of this entire branch would cause more fast rolling length out to the leader that remains so we try to avoid thinning cuts and make reduction cuts. So remember reduction causes strength while thinning causes length. Thanks for watching. You can learn more about trimming your mosquito and poverty trees at our website Romeo tree service.com. Click on the product page and there is our DVD which is downloadable as well to get more information.

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