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Tree stumps at your backyard will pose a hazard to your home and for that, you’ll surely need Stump Removal Service. Getting rid of the stumps will beautify your property wherein you can also replant the area which will be much safer for your loved ones.

We remove and accept any sizes of trees and stumps. We can also provide a service for those who are in the greater west, north and south coast aside from the whole of Santa Ana.

We can remove the stumps and the tree at a time, or you can also reach us if you want to remove it later. Using the most advanced equipment we assure you that we can remove all of the stumps on your residential and commercial properties.

With the aid of different kinds of machinery to perfectly turn the stumps into pieces, it is not impossible to grind even the hard tree stumps. If you have a huge stump, a stump mounted in the hill or even in a tapered space, worry no more because anything is possible. You can reuse the piled chips of the tree and we’ll pile it up and leave it for you.

Let us know about your short and long-term goals about your area and we at Tree Service Pros of Santa Ana will suggest better choices for you. We care about the satisfaction of our clients and that’s why we highly respect their request as to how to remove the stumps in their area.

Specifically how deep and large will be dug to remove and grind the stump and roots of the tree. We can also completely remove the stumps if the customer is planning to replant there.

Stumps are the bottom part of the tree once the trunk is cut. These are potential hazards and may result in serious accidents as it will bulge in the ground if not remove.

They are not good in the eyes as well and it’s distracting the beauty of the place. It is good to remove the stump and replant in that area as it will not only preserve the beauty of your surroundings but most importantly it can keep your family away from danger.

However, even if the stumps are projected in the ground, its roots are still deep underground. In this case, extra precautionary measures should be observed during the stump grinding process. As it will result in more damage to the soil and it will cost more to fix it. To make it more convenient to remove the stumps, you need experts of Tall Timbers Tree Services to do this job.

We, the Tall Timbers Tree Services are the best service provider of stumps removal.

To completely and safely finish the task we use high-tech and modern machines. We make sure that we are time-efficient and we try our best to catch up in the deadlines given by our customers.

Customer satisfaction is indeed our major concern and that’s why we give you the well-skilled workers who follow the standard of the company given by their supervisors. We are committed to our work and we always guarantee customer satisfaction.

We also offer different types of services aside from stump removal. These are our services for your commercial and residential properties:

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Tree Branch Removal
  • Dead Tree Removal
  • Hurricane Damage Cleanup

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