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Stump Grinding Techniques

So I made a comment yesterday and asked him about some stump grinding techniques are getting a lot more knowledge about actual stump grinding, other than the repairs I show you about. Just make this quick, show you some deals. First of all, today I’m not running a big machine I’m still playing around doing file maintenance with it.

Today I’m running Let me see it here, z t. Okay. And before I show you about the stump part, a stump grinder, he’s done a Tree Service 20 years ago. Now all I do is stump grinding and retired fireman also I like stump grinding better than the Tree Service part because I have no employees. It’s just me workman’s comp I’m able to use that. Oh, I forgot what it’s called. I’m not required as a sole proprietor and saves me a lot of money.

I do carry insurance carry million dollars with insurance, because I do jobs for companies that do the streets, sidewalks, things like that. Today, I’m at a construction site for new home. Got the smaller machine but they’re good sized stumps, they’ll pay well. First of all, I’m going to tell you something very important because I see all the stump grinders that don’t do this. Not necessarily on YouTube, but in my area. The cities here.

These are, I think three they have a radio in them. They’re really good sound protection. I listen to talk radio or music when I’m doing stomps makes the day go by faster but I will never grind the stump without your protection for 20 years I’ve always worn ear protection in the fire service on the trucks and all our ear protection so called Dave Clark headsets.

I know guys that are around me and personal friends of mine that are going deaf. Okay from chainsaws even when I’m running a chainsaw where were these? Well guys, they were to earplugs but I like these and I protectionism. Safety sunglasses have clear ones too. I’ve also got some kind of a goggle system on his ATM further enough away to not worry about anything hit my face.

When I’m running my bigger machine, I’m closer up. The controls are closer, I will wear flap down screen with the ear muffs on it. And today I’m doing red oak red oaks produce a real fine chip. But let me switch this around and show you a couple little tricks. Okay. Maybe it helps somebody you know if it does. It does have the donut donut.

Plus remember, like, subscribe, make a comment as long as constructive comment, make a comment. If it’s a piece of shit comment. I’ll delete you. Thanks, bud. All right, here we are. So red oak. People call you on the phone, they give you one measurement, yada yada, it’s never the right measurement. But hey, I’m going to show you how I do it and how I charge. Right if you if you don’t have a tape measure on you I charged by diameter inch. I have a size 12 booth.

Okay. Now I want to show you something because homeowners don’t understand is even when so my tree guys own standards. After all the years. See the cut mark here going straight across. That’s not where I charged from. Okay. Even though this is cut close to the ground, it’s got a flare. Okay. And you know, this can be stumped over here.

So I charged from right here, and I go straight across the widest part. Okay, you don’t have a tape measure, I got size 12. Look, I’m starting right there. See how walking across. This is a five and a half foot stump. So five and a half foot times, contractors get 300 a day and ranch homeowners get 350 to $400 depends.

Sometimes they may go up to 450 or five. If it’s something complicated, I gotta go up a staircase or whatever I’ll add to that or I have to drive for a little further out. I’ll add to my windshield time. Okay, my windshield time is worth my time. Some of you guys are getting a lot more money for stumps, but you got to remember where you live.

You might be New York, New Jersey, you might be in LA California, whatever. It’s it’s a higher cost of living. I’m out here in the Midwest, okay. Things are cheaper here. Okay, I’m in a really nice neighborhood here. I grew up in urban suburban environment. Okay. These houses part of this one here is about 2000 square feet or whatever. But in this neighborhood

That house is probably $400,000 go to New York, that’d be a million dollar house. Okay. So you know, things are different in price differently everywhere. I started grinding, it’s a red oak, you produce a smaller chips. Okay, when I grind, I see different guys going forward, I start further out, okay, I grabbed that crest, it’s easier on my machine I go through, start grinding go through it that way.

On the smaller machine, I’ll go halfway through this stump, I’ll turn around, come in from the other way. That way, for sure. Got it. This one’s been ground about eight inches deep, deep enough for what they want, I don’t have to go down and get every bit of stump out of here. Okay. Certain people, if you request that I charge a little bit more, but for just having a lawn going back here, this is a new home construction area, they’ve got heavy equipment, they’ll scrape it, it’s fine.

They just want the major part and stuff out. So that’s what I’ll do for them. Right. And I don’t remove chips. Okay, I used to when I first started, I don’t do it anymore. I can sub that out to landscape or yard guy who’s who needs the money, or a weekend handyman type guide or kid, I could sub it out. And I could actually make money on them coming out and doing stuff like that. But most the time I give it all to them. Hey, they’re happy. I’m happy, you’re happy.

We’re all happy, right? Anyway, like I say, I’ll come back over here when I get halfway through it. And then I’ll run the machine all the way around, make sure everything’s cut up around. And, and there’s no real science to this, except for I see guys that have even seen manufacturers on YouTube. You can get away with it on a large machine, or even a real small stump. I’ve seen guys coming over the top and grinding here. They think that’s how you’re going to stone.

It’s too hard on the machine. It’s almost like boring, okay, like you’re trying to bore through this wood. And it depends on the kind of wood and tray. This you come from the outer edge you grind, and you go in, okay, so you’re grinding dirt a little bit, right? But you’re grabbing that out of crest, then you come in.

All right, you come in a little bit, and then you always raise a new wheel up and get the fresh meat, the fresh cut the fresh cut. Okay, I’ll show you. I’ll stop halfway through this. So you could see the hurry started and show you where I’m at. And I’ll give you a little more advice. And I wanted to show you something grinded for about five minutes, I’m over halfway done with the stump.

It’s a red oak warehouse produce fine chips, okay. different species of trees, when you grind them give you a different kind of chip. A lot of your softer Woods will give you a big ass chip. Okay, looks something like that. And they can build up behind or in front of your tracks or your wheels, especially on smaller machines, you’ll have to move them out away or back to Grindr up with the wheel engage clear out a little bit come back in. But what I wanted to talk to you about really is about grinding, okay?

What you’re going to be grinding is this, see this part here, the slip, you’re going to be taking that lip off coming down, pick another piece of lips coming down and take another piece of lip. And reason why I come from further out in the stump. I set my depth there, then I come in, then I know what I’m coming in at what depth I’m gonna maintain while I go through the stump.

Okay, and when I what I do is when I get my last cut down here, I move the wheel up, move the wheel machine forward, take another cut, slice, slice, slice, wheel up, come back up, slice, slice, slice. That’s how I do it. Right. And because you will see a problem with a lot of guys too. If you don’t set that depth that you’re going through, you’re going to be grinding this stumps still down there. Okay. All right. Here when you grind into the corners off here, here grinding with this much of your tooth, alright.

And that much surface probably right? Now when you go deeper, more of you will almost half your wheel is coming down. It’s almost like a boring, it’ll start bogging you machines, even on bigger machines, it will start bogging them, you know. And that’s when you get a lot of wear and you put an extra stress on your bearings and all two doing it that way. So you come in, you make nice slices like this. I’ll make three slices one, drop, cross alone, drop my third slice, I have my depth already set.

I move forward and coming that way. All right, and I listen to the engine. Okay, even with those headphones on, I can still hear the engine. Right And so while I’m moving my hydraulic levers, I’m feathering it when I hear the engine slowing down a little bit. I’ll back off let let the motorcycle Catch up, everything’s running at the same speed. Sometimes when you got rotted wood or whatever you could pull full, full throttle and just be swinging.

Like you see the big machines doing on a smaller machine, like 250 twos at that auto sweep, auto sweep, what it does is controls your cutter wheel, and your motor keeps them always at the same RPM, it’ll, it’ll stop your, your sideways slink swing, it’ll slow it down to keep everything matched up. Right, if you don’t have to sweep your auto sweep, you just listen to the motor while you’re cutting, and you adjust your hydraulic lever of your pole, slow it down.

Okay, I mean, there’s, you know, after doing few stumps, here, learn this, you know, but like I said before, if you own a company, a tree company, only allow yourself or another one of your employees run the machine. Don’t let every Tom Dick and Harry run your machine, they’ll be delivered shit out of it, you know, they don’t care. You know, they’ll stop the wheel and push too aggressively, you know. And remember, sharp teeth. With the machine last longer too.

It’s less wear and tear on the machine, you’ll know you got delta to be pulling big ass chips. And the motor beat you feel like when to stay cut in with the crap it’s a shitty machine. First, you need to check your teeth though, you know a lot of tree companies run dole teeth. Because they they just use your stump grinder or under on their jobs. They’re not out doing stump grinding as a living just doing that now in their tree doing their own stuff. Okay, so, you know, they don’t mind.

Or they don’t pay attention to stump grinder like you and I would if you’re in a stump grinding business by itself. Alright. Anyway, that’s all for today. Next time, I’ll tell you a little more about the business or if you got questions on how to get business, or how these are all things that how I did it. I’m blessed. Because mine is contractor based. I basically grind for 35 contractors, okay, they’re between three companies, concrete companies, municipal companies.

And I’m blessed that way a guide I do 75% contractor base 25%. homeowner, okay, my brother’s in the business used to work for me is is basically 25% contractors, 75% homeowners, okay, he charges a little bit more. But you know, I’m out every day, you know, he’s still an active firefighter all too. So it works out for him better, too.

If you got any questions at all, please post them in the comments. I’ll try to answer them. And you know what, I’m on my way out. I’m getting older. If I could share anything with you, I share with you some guys tell me I’m stupid for for sharing and giving a business secrets or whatever. They’re not secrets to me. It’s just, you know, hey, us to us. All right. Another good thing too, I’m gonna tell you this.Maybe you’re not a big reader anything. But there’s a light book written back in the 1930s.

I’ll help you in your business, no matter what you do for a living. It’s called How to Win Friends and Influence People. It helped me in the fire service. It helped me in a public domain. It helped me in a stump grinding business. Basically, it’s a book that teaches you how not to be a dick. All right. Because truly some guys are in this business is Tree Service and other businesses that I know. I don’t know how they’re in business. They have terrible attitudes.

And I think they get their business out of people just not being able to find anyone else. So I’d rather be known as you know, a nice good businessman rather than a dick or prick. All right. It’s called How to Win Friends and Influence People. You’ll find it anywhere. I think it was Dale Carnegie wrote in the 1930s. Simple read, easy to read. And I don’t care if you’re not a fan of Donald Trump. But he uses it too. Because Have you ever noticed when he is so an employee that does some really well?

He’ll compliment them two or three times? You’re the best. You’re the greatest you’d admit. I do to my homeowners I find something about their property. I mean, I said oh, that’s a beautiful pool or, or you know, I mean, your car, man. That’s a car looks fantastic in your driveway. stamped concrete.

Yeah, I mean, I don’t know who did your work, but it did a great job. compliment your customer. You know why? It comes back to you tenfold over. All right. Anyway, it’s Saturday and Sunday. Remember, if you’re not learning something every day, you must be dead. Or I’ll say you’re an asshole. Have a great day, guys.

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