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Santa Ana Zoo

The Santa Ana Zoo in Santa Ana, CA has long been committed to caring for wildlife and it is a place rich with history and colorful trivia. One of its most memorable stories dates back to the zoo’s founder, a man by the name of Joseph Prentice who famously insisted that for a minimum of 50 monkeys to be kept at the zoo at all time.

Along with its even numbered troop of mischievous monkey, the zoo is also home to over 80 animal species and known by its visitors as unique place to visit, learn and explore. The zoo map offers an easy free guide on where to find all animals of the park, though staff is always at hand to help everyone find their favorite animal.

The zoo not only offers sanctuary to a number of several endangered species such as the Golden Lion Tamarins and the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs. but it also features a children’s farm, from where the popular Zoofari departs, along with a magical carousel ride as just two of its most memorable outdoor activities.

It recently opened a new multi-species exhibit, featuring anteaters, guanacos and rheas that aims to celebrate one of the most endangered natural habitats in the world, the Pampas Grasslands in South America. The natural sets in this exhibition space were designed to immerse the visitor in an interactive experience with these animals natural habitat and to help briefly make believe that they too have made it to the jungles of South America. Other temporary exhibits include The Rainforest Maze that leads its guests into a great rainforest adventure.

The park is also known for its permanent exhibitions, such as its Conservation Education theater which opened back in 2004 and has since kept it its mission to share the importance of the preservation of the natural world, through a series of animal presentations and yearly scheduled holiday events.

Besides getting to know all of its attractions, visitors might also be interested in visiting the Zoo’s Bean Sprouts cafe, a popular eco-friendly destination for both adults and children which offers an award-wining selection of organic and sustainable foods in a warm and friendly setting. For those looking for souvenirs, the Treetop Toys Gift Shop is also there with a variety of plush animals, books and all the favorite items that will help bring back a wonderful day spent at the Zoo.

The zoo has a healthy social media presence for any of those interested in keeping up with news and the fun daily posts of the zoo staff. The homepage is also the ideal place to get all the best snoops on all the new arrivals, from the cutest baby giant anteater to an adorable baby lemur.

Through the website, visitors are also able to download a free audio tour to help them make the most of their visits at the Zoo.
Animal lovers are also welcome to adopt an animal, make a small donation, join the newsletter or in any way contribute to help continue to preserve the wildlife at Prentice Park.

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