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Lyon Air Museum

The Lyon Air Museum is an award-winning jet, turbo-prop, and piston-powered aircraft repair facility which was first established back in 1923 by the famed aviation pioneer: Eddie Martin. You’ll be able to find the huge venue on the west side of John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.

It is difficult to miss it, as it features a life-size aircraft as a permanent feature of its museum exhibit, alongside rare vehicles and similarly related historic relics. The museum dedicates itself to the preservation of the historicity of the events which took place during World War II. Each exhibit aims to both illustrate this turbulent period in our history and to help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the United States’ remarkable role during this period. Visitors are to come out of the exhibit knowing their country’s role during the Second World War wasn’t one to be underestimated.

Major General William Lyon is the name of the man behind the museum. General Lyon’s many accomplishments are surprisingly wide-ranging. He started as a successful businessman, went on to become a decorated member of the military, and spent his later years as an active supporter of the community. The museum is likely to delight fans of the aviation industry in the States as each exhibit proudly revisits both the victories which occurred during this era and the generation of heroes that made it happen. Past its present-day tribute to the glories of the past, the museum is also looking towards educating young people, by surrounding them with images and ideas that aren’t otherwise available in the classroom.

The Lyon family encourages everyone to bring in their friends and relatives to the exhibition, as it is open to all. Throughout the self-guided exhibit, you will able to read about each aircraft and each vehicle and staff is at hand for any questions. As a history museum, the exhibition does its best to remain authentic and interactive and the wide-open space of the facility allows for visitors to get lost in awe of the big planes and luxurious automobiles surrounding them. Those very feelings of awe and inspiration have been an integral part of the museum’s mission from the very beginning. Aiming to develop its relationship with the public, the museum has committed itself to host many social events throughout the year. Details are available on the website.

On top of that, the museum has just opened a brand new expanded retail space where visitors are welcome to browse through the gift item shop which was also recently moved to a large hangar. Meaning visitors can engage in their shopping experience while surrounded by awe-inspiring historical aircraft. A daily museum pass is available at the store as is a yearly pass aiming for those eager to come back and revisit the experience. The store currently showcases a bit of everything, from model toys to aircraft t-shirts, from aviation teddy bears to custom coffee mugs, likely to delight visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

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