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Kellogg House

Listed as one of the top attractions in Santa Ana, California, The Kellog House is also known as one of the great heritage museums in Orange County. It is the perfect destination for visitors interested in learning more about the Kellog Family and general way of life from over a century ago. The building is an example of Queen Anne-style Victorian architecture and its interior design fully reflects its owner’s unique personal taste and personal background.

H. Clay Kellog was a ship enthusiast who would come to develop a true fascination with ships on one of his many sailing trips to Hawaii.
His passions were made publicly clear when he later approved for the plans of his Californian home.

Kellog’s passion for ship design is at prominent display on the original spruce mast, salvaged from a ship at San Francisco’s bay and which now stretches from floor to ceiling at the very center of his California home.

Kellog’s house was already considered modern when it was first built and today, both students and tourists from all over travel in to see the iconic oval room which was originally designed to duplicate an officer’s mess, or the curved cabinets and wooden shelves that were built in by a ship’s carpenter. Even the attic’s circular opening is there to suggest a close similarity to a ship’s crown nest. The house also serves as events center, mostly for wedding receptions, formal teas and public tours.

Aside from the stunning interior, many of the house’s furniture are just as equally enchanting, most memorably an 80-key piano, custom made for the small parlor room and the wooden doll’s house that is proudly on display in one of the bedrooms.

Visitors are often in awe of the architectural design of the downstairs living room, for all its curved lines that make it seem as though you have just entered a ship’s bridge. The wallpaper is also a classic design meant to make visitor feel as though they have indeed somehow traveled to a place somewhere in 1899.

Knowledgeable docents are at hand to guide visitors through the historical events that took place as the house was being built as they’ll also show visitors the way to the secret garden located at the back of the museum. One of the main historical treasures inside the house, an ancient foot-cranked washing machine, is particularly popular with the younger visitors.

The museum is currently accepting donations so as to continue to be a part of the successful hands-on minds-on educational project, an interactive learning experience that aims to bring younger students in close contact with rich local history through exhibits, games and workshops.

Ever since its opening, the museum has opened its doors to all of those either interested or curious in revisiting a bit of history that would otherwise be completely lost in time. For all the right reasons, the Kellog’s house makes for an excellent family day out and it is one of the definite sightseeing landmarks in the Santa Ana, CA area.

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