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How to Trim Trees

Pruning trees is important to the growth cycle, but also in maintaining visual appearance. It is better to do this when the tree is young because there’s less stress to the structure as opposed to when the tree is older. To start, you want to identify which lower limbs to remove, as well as any crossing or competing limbs on the tree.

It’s important to trim and cut branches that are parallel to allow more sunlight in and help the tree grow better. Additionally, this helps to not impede the growth of other branches. Rule of thumb if your feet need to leave the ground to reach the limb, call a professional before you start cutting is very important to make sure that no people are in the area and that the drop zone is clear.

Once you’re sure that your footing is on solid ground, start up the pruner you will be making two main cuts. Put your printer at a 45 degree angle and make your first undercut eight to 12 inches out on the limb from the final cut. This should be a quarter of the limbs diameter.

The second cut should be about two inches outside of the first cut and go from the top of the limb all the way through. Finally, make your last cut just outside the limbs collar from the top straight through the entire limb. Pruning is an important part of keeping your trees health.

You can try and do it yourself to save money but we would advise against it. You see, tree trimming seems simple enough but it’s not. First off – you can injure yourself using the tree trimming tools. Just think about the hospital bill and the time off from work and you will realize that its cheaper to hire a professional tree service company for your tree trimming project.

Secondly, you can cause property damage. Again, the cost to repair the damage of your tree trimming might be substantial. That’s another reason to trust an experienced tree trimmer vs doing it yourself.

And third, you don’t know what you don’t know and unintentionally harm your trees. That’s why its better to hire a local tree service company with experience for your tree trimming project.

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