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How to Prune, Trim and Shape Bushes and Shrubs

Proper trimming techniques will keep shrubs and bushes healthy and live in the look of your landscape. Here’s what you need to know. The best time to prune depends on the plant. Trim early spring flowering shrubs after they bloom. Summer flowering plants should be clipped in winter or early spring.

For Non flowering plants trim after new growth has completely formed. Of course, you can do some light trimming throughout the year. Before you start lay a tarp down to make cleanup easier. Next, remove growth you don’t want then thin out spots have thick outer cover. The inner limbs need air and sunlight so cut back along the branch just above new growth or at the plant base.

Avoid electric trimmers for this trimmers just top the shrub encouraging new growth near the cut. Cutting farther back will encourage growth along the limb. Also remove any dead limbs near the base. If possible, avoid making the top wider than the base. Remember, you want sunlight to reach the entire plant.

Only cut about one third of the shrub each year the holes you’re creating will fill in with new growth making the plants fuller and stronger bushes such as boxwoods can be shaped for a more formal look. It’s easy to do. First, do some general trimming. To cut straight lines. You can use your house or other objects as a guide.

Some pros use steaks and strings as guides. set them up along the hedges but don’t set them too deep into cover. Use a level if you really want perfection. Slowly run a hedge trimmer along the top and sides letting the blade do the work. Again, keep the base a bit wider than the top. Step back every once in a while to check your work. Pruning the right way will make your shrubs and bushes grow full and healthy. Want more great ideas and how to go to Lowe’s dot com slash how to for click to subscribe. Next, learn how to plant trees.

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