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How to Fell a Tree with a Heavy Forward Lean

So here we have a beautiful ash. Except it’s dead market last summer. And it’s got a pretty extreme forward lean thing that’s about 10 degrees or so. So from the Bible, how to fell a tree, how to handle these trees.

The first thing we do is cut the open face notch. And I’ve already done that I should have recorded earlier. But what we do here is come in at 60 or 65 degrees at the top. And then 30 or so at the bottom. And I think we’re right at about 90 C here. I’d say so. Okay, now the next step is to according the book, we’re going to do a board cut about an inch and a half above the knotch. And because this tree is wider than my bar, a bar 16 is tree looks like a button. It’s about 1820 or so it’s a four step process, actually five steps.

Tell me something Mr. Lumberjack, is it one port forward and Reaper back, we’re gonna go in here and back. And then because it’s wider than my bar, the tree is another side. Same thing, except we’re gonna do start here and work our way towards the notch and leave strap here at the back. And that’s the last thing we can get out of the way while it falls. So let’s do this board cut on this side. And I’ll be back in a minute, we’ve done the board cut on this side of the tree, you can kind of see there’s some light coming through on the other side.

So trees just barely past 16 inches, the length of my bar. But we’re gonna go on the other side. And do what I said before to do the other other market. So turns out is popping through and our side of the tree is pretty handy, because that’ll add some work for us to start our work up here and then work our way back towards the knotch.

Alright, so we’ve made the workout on the other side. I don’t think Jeff Jepsen would be too happy with my angle here should be more horizontal. But at any rate, we’re ready to roll here on the on the back cut. As you can see, there’s There we go. There’s daylight through this tree. We’re just gonna cut that the strap. That’s Step five, and it should fall safely. Let’s see. Something I forgot to mention here is obviously we’re going to be cutting the strap this way. And we’ve made a little escape path here. So although it should be safe, no chance of Barbara cheering here.

I don’t think I’m sure hope not. Okay, so there’s our tree on the ground. That is going to be fun to split and make a lot of great fires. Here’s our stump. As you can see, I cut in from here and those last little fibers hung on until it tipped over. There’s our notch. not crazy about that angle. on the board cut but whatever it works. And that’s it.

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