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California Center for Digital Arts

The California Center for Digital Art provides truly unique experiences and training for photographers of any level. The history of the area and the Center itself are extremely fascinating; photographers used to book spaces in the art district of Santa Ana because of the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, which created an entire community of art galleries and centers- with the California Center for Digital Art being one of the centerpieces.

It is a community of digital artists who specialize in different styles of photography- helping the next generation of digital artists with workshops, travel opportunities and personal help from experts in the field. Honestly, the workshops are incredible, they range from beginner classes to entire seminars on unique techniques for professional photos. They have in person classes at the Center itself, but if you can’t travel to Santa Ana, they also offer online classes with their experts.

Not only does the California Center for Digital Art provide classes and workshops for budding photographers, but they are dedicated to building a community of artists and to bring real experiences to up-and-coming photographers. One of the most unique things about the Center is that they offer travel workshops for photographers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to explore the incredible natural beauty of the U.S. Almost every national park in the U.S has a dedicated travel experience offered by the California Center for Digital Art. From Death Valley to the Grand Canyon; not only are you able to experience the beauty of these places- but you are offered incredible insight on how to photograph them as well. The photos that come from these travel workshops are breathtaking; photographers who go on these travel workshops are often featured on the Center’s website.

Because of the California Center for Digital Art’s commitment to providing community for photographers- it also offers unique editing services for those who want their photos professionally edited by the experts at the Center. On top of that, there are also printing services and private studio bookings to help support the photographers that are a part of the Center’s community.

Another thing that truly makes this place unique are its many events, gallery showings and portfolio reviews that help dedicated photographers burst onto the scene. They are dedicated to helping people of all ages and skill sets to achieving whatever it is they want to achieve within the world of photography. They have a gallery onsite within the historic Art District of Santa Ana that draws people from all over to explore the truly unique photographs and digital art that comes from the Center’s community members.

All in all, the California Center for Digital Art is truly one of the most unique art galleries and studios around. It absolutely cares about the community it is building and the success of the individuals who take their workshops. They are there with their photographers every step of the way and will certainly celebrate any success you have, as they are often the first ones to see your talent and help it grow.

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