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Tree Service Company That’s Always On Time, Gets the Job Done Right the First Time & Doesn’t Charge an Arm and a Leg

Looking for a reliable tree service company in Santa Ana that gets the job done right the first time and doesn’t charge a small fortune for tree trimming, tree pruning or tree removal? You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s what makes us different from all other tree care companies in Santa Ana:

  1. We’re always on time. Always. Because your time is valuable we promise not to waste it. We will show up on time for the tree service job.
  2. Our crew members are knowledgeable and polite. They won’t do any tree trimming, pruning or stump removal before they explain it to you and get your approval. That’s a great way to avoid any misunderstandings.
  3. We clean after ourselves. Tree services are messy. That’s why we clean after ourselves. Here’s our promise – we will leave the tree service job site cleaner than we found it regardless of how messy the tree trimming or stump removal was.

Licensed & Insured Tree Service Experts in Santa Ana CA

tree trimming in Santa Ana CaliforniaTREE TRIMMING & TREE PRUNING

Do you want your trees to look the best they can as well as mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling branches? Consider our professional tree trimming and pruning service in Santa Ana.

tree cutting in Santa Ana

Cutting a tree should be your last resort but sometimes it just needs to be done. For tree cutting and tree removal done in a safe way give us a call now to schedule your free estimate in Santa Ana.

tree removal in Santa Ana Orange County

Stump grinding or stump removal? It’s up to you. Both have their pros and cons. If you are not decided give us a call to speak with our experienced Santa Ana arborist to help you make the best decision. 

emergency tree service in Santa Ana

A tree fell after a storm? Can’t wait for days for a tree care company to return your call. We have the man power and the equipment to tackle even the most challenging tree service job. 

Stop and Read This Before You Call Another Tree Care Provider in Santa Ana for a Free Price Quote

Yes, what I am going to share with you is so important that it’s totally worth it the five minutes or so to read it. It will help you avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous Santa Ana tree care companies and save you time and headaches when you are looking for a professional tree service company in Santa Ana CA. You know that some companies in Orange County in general and Santa Ana CA, in particular, are better than others (as with everything else in life). The problem is how to tell the good tree care companies from the not so good ones? See, it’s relatively easy to start a tree service business in Orange County. All one needs is an old truck and a chainsaw. And for that reason a lot of people do. It looks like there is a tree service company at every corner in Santa Ana, doesn’t it. When you are just starting out and no one knows about your tree care business the only way to attract clients is to charge less than your well-established competitors for things like tree pruning and stump removal..

These new tree care businesses can’t charge less and afford to pay for things like business insurance. And you don’t care about that until you hire one of those tree care companies and they damage your or one of the properties surrounding yours.

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8 Important Questions to Ask Every Local Tree Care Contractor in Santa Ana

Luckily, there are things you could do to prevent this from happening. Below, you’ll find 8 very important questions to ask the tree care companies in Santa Ana that you would interview. After you talk with a few tree care experts you’ll know how to tell the pros from the wannabes.
  1. Will you give me a copy of your business insurance?
  2. What trade organizations are you a member of?
  3. Do you have a list of past clients I could call for references?
  4. Will I get a detailed estimate?
  5. What type of equipment would be used for the tree service job? Whose responsible for damages caused by it (if any)?
  6. How long will my project take to complete?
  7. Will you be using spikes to climb? Demand not to unless they are removing it or they will harm it.
  8. How do you keep your employees safe on the job? What protective equipment do they have (if any). All reputable tree care companies follow OSHA’s safety requirements.

Here’s Why We’re the Best Residential & Commercial Tree Service Company in Santa Ana

Asking the questions above will help you tremendously when choosing a reliable tree care company in Santa Ana. The only downside is that interviewing them takes time. Another way to go about it and save yourself some time is to give us a call. Here’s why it’s a good idea to call Santa Ana Tree Service Pros now:
  • We are a local tree service business, not a franchise so we need to work harder since there’s no corporate back to hide behind.
  • We have the experience and the manpower to do even the most complex tree removal or stump grinding job – we’ve been in the tree service business for more than two decades and we have over 90 years of combined experience.
  • We are bonded and insured for your peace of mind.
  • Our tree service experts are our employees and not contractors.
  • We guarantee our tree work be it trimming, pruning, tree removal or stump removal. 
These are just a few reasons you should give the Santa Ana Tree Service Pros a call before you call a random tree care company. Not only this will save you time but money as well because our rates on tree services are very competitive.

Affordable Tree Services at Reasonable Rates in Santa Ana

We offer pruning, crowning, and stump removal services in Santa Ana and all over Orange County. However, every client is different and has different needs. So, the best way is to call us to discuss your project requirements with us. We promise to give you a few viable solutions in order for you to make the best choice. Again, this is just a partial list of the tree services we offer residents and businesses in Santa Ana. If the tree service you need is not listed that doesn’t mean we don’t do it. In that case, just give us a call, chances are we’ve done it before.  We work with every customer individually to understand what their goal is and come up with a plan to accomplish it.
  • tree and bush trimming and pruning – tree trimming is probably the tree service we perform most often in Santa Ana. And there is a good reason for that. Proper tree trimming is essential to the health of your trees. That’s why you need to periodically have dying or dead branches removed. 
  • tree removal – tree removal is our last resort but sometimes that’s the only viable option left. When is tree removal needed? Usually when overgrown trees have weakened the base of your house. Or the tree is already dead or dying and is in close proximity to your property. You don’t want the tree to fall on the roof of your house when you are deep asleep at night. But these are not the only two reasons to consider tree removal in Santa Ana. Here are a few more cases when removing the tree might make sense for you – when your sidewalk or driveway are impacted, when you want to have a better view, to improve the curb appeal of your Santa Ana property or to clear up space for a shed, pool or other addition to your property.
  • stump grinding and removal – so the dying tree in your Santa Ana property is gone. Now what do we do with the tree stump that’s left? There are two options in that case – tree stump grinding or tree stump removal. Which one is better? Only you can tell but here are the pros and cons of both. a/  stump grinding pros – there will be no hole left after the tree is gone; the stump can be used for mulching; grinding the tree stump is faster (compared to the removal of the stump) and less labor intensive. b/ stump removal pros – it’s easy to replant a new tree, both the stump and the roots of the tree are completely gone.   

Who Can Benefit the Most from Our Quality Low Cost Tree Care Services in Santa Ana? 

When we started out as a one-man tree care business in Santa Ana our clients were primarily residential. As years went by and word of mouth spread we started getting calls for trimming and pruning from local businesses as well. Today our tree service business is equally split between the residential and commercial markets. The good thing about it is that we can borrow ideas from the former and apply it to the latter and vice versa. This is a win-win for both. With that being said the clients that keep calling us again and again for our superior tree services are:
  • home owners
  • land owners
  • property owners
  • facility managers
  • home owners associations
  • municipalities
If you are one of them chances are we’ll be a good match.

What’s the Cost of Our Top Rated Professional Tree Services in Santa Ana?

We all need to know what the cost of the tree services in order to budget. The short answer is – “It depends” because no two tree service jobs are the same. The first step in determining the cost of a tree service is to give us a call for a FREE estimate. It’s important to understand that this is our best guess because it’s based only of the information you gave us.  For a detailed estimated we will need to visit the site. So, call us to schedule a visit for a free tree service estimate in Santa Ana.

Schedule Your Free Price Estimate – Same Day Service Available for Santa Ana Residents

By now you should have made up your mind whether or not to call Santa Ana Tree Service Pros for your tree service job. If you decide to give us a call here’s what to expect:
  1. To speak with an experienced arborist. Even of you don’t hire our tree service company us for the job you’ll have a second expert opinion.
  2. To get our professional and unbiased opinion. We won’t recommend tree pruning or tree removal if it’s not necessary.
  3. To give you a FREE tree service estimate and if you decide to move forward, to schedule a visit to the job site for a FREE quote.
  4. To do the tree trimming, pruning or tree removal at a time that works for you (you don’t have to be present, though).
  5. To get the tree service job on time and within budget.

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